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Provisional UKMO data for Summer(JJA) suggested warmest/driest since 2006
UKMO forecast issued in March and April hinted at this but May issue went colder/wetter hence contingency forecast was also poor.
Verification of Experimental Seasonal Summary Forecast for UK area, May June July 2013 - compiled 30AUG2013

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Season temperature above normal parts of N Ireland and much of Sotland, elsewhere near normal but SE England slightly below.
Seasons rainfall SE Eire, much of S and E of England, N Wales and NW England also E and parts of N Scotland below normal. Most other areas neaer normal but W Eire wetter.

See orignal forecast summary for detail of forecast.

DATA available in APRIL 2013 for May June July 2013
Summary - gave a reasonal guide with regards temps PPN not good.
1. Russia: near normal forecast UK but cooler near N Sea not so good although SE was cooler. PPN not so good except SE was drier.
2. USA - FSU : poor/incorrect
3. USA - CFS2 : some indication of cooler in south than north. PPN mixed output but some indication of drier areas on some output but laced consistency.
4. UK : E of England cooler and most areas near normal OK but missed Scotland being warmer.
5. USA - NASA : Temps OK N/S graduation but PPN not good.
6. USA - IRI : Temp graduation N to S OK. PPN no help.
7. KMA - Temps OK except Scotland PPN no help.
8. JMA - Temps OK, PPN some help.
9. NMME some idea of temp being cooler in S/milder in N. PPN no help.

DATA available in MARCH 2013 for May June July 2013
Summary was a fairly good guide. UK MO prob the best little to choose from other output.

DATA available in FEB 2013 for May June July 2013
Summary not much of a guide.

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