Weather summary for Teignmouth, Dawlish and nearby areas by Mike Trigger

Items marked * contain estimates to fill in missing data

The monthly weather summary is prepared as soon as possible each month and is based on unofficial recordings and the opinion of the author. No claim is made about the accuracy of the summary. If you are aware of an error or omission please e-mail   (Seasonal summaries available by 10th).

The longer term averages are sourced from the Met Office.

LTA=long term average 1981 to 2010

Updated 2nd February 2020

Weather Summary January 2020 2nd February 2020

Low pressure once again dominated the weather pattern bringing wet and very mild weather for a good parts of January. There was a interlude with high pressure in the early part of the month and a more prolonged spell between the 18th and 24th. During this latter period the pressure rose to near record values of 1050mb and was associated with rather frosty nights. Most of the low pressure centres crossed over or to the north of the UK but during the 9th and 10th low pressure tracked east across SW England. Snow fell over some parts of Dartmoor briefly during the month but was absent from Dawlish and Teignmouth, although a few hail showers did occur.

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In terms of statistics:
Recorded rainfall of between 90 and 130mm was near or slightly wetter than average, with inland areas seeing the higher totals. The wettest period was being the 13th to 16th when about a third of the months rain fell - the highest 24 hour rain total being between 15 and 25mm. Of the main Met Office weather stations in the SW most indicated slightly below average rain for the month.

There were around nine days with no measureable rain, although dew or melting frost accounted for around three days in some areas reducing the number of “dry” days to six (30 year average 11 days). The number of days with 1mm or more of rain recorded was between 15 and 18 (30 year average 13 days). There was between 3 to 5 days with 10mm or more (30 year average 3 or 4 days), and in a few inland hilly areas the 14th saw values of 20mm or more.

The temperature averaged out at around 8 Celsius, just over one degree above the 30 year average. Teignmouth Den recorded an average Maximum temperature of 10.5C (30 year average 9.4C) and average Minimum of 6C (30 year average 4C). The highest temperature recorded during the month was on the 14th or 30th of around 14 or 15 Celsius. Lowest temperature was recorded on the 20th during the high pressure period with lows ranging from minus 1.5 Celsius in Teignmouth to minus 4.6 Celsius in Netherton. Away from the immediate coast air frosts occurred on as many 5 or 6 nights but only two nights at Teignmouth Den, where frost was below the long term average of 4 nights.

70 hours of sunshine was recorded at Teignmouth which was slightly above the average of 65 hours. The electronically recorded values at Dawlish and Netherton indicated only 27 hours (Low priced sensors tends to under estimate in winter and over estimate in summer). Of the main Met Office weather stations in the SW, Culdrose reported above average sunshine and Yeovilton below average.

In summary, January was milder than average with near or slightly above average rainfall and slightly above average sunshine. Frost at Teignmouth was below average but in some inland parts frost was more frequent.

When shown * estimates were made using reports from nearby sites in order to calculate missing data. Grass frost estimates use air temp below 4C

Teignmouth Den*.
Mean temperature *8.2C (LTA 6.7C). Average Max 10.5C (LTA 9.4C). Highest 13.8C on 14th (13.7C 30th). Average Min *6C (LTA 4C). Lowest -1.5C on 21st. Air frost 2 days. (Average 4 days). Potential 5 ground frosts
Total rain *92.8mm (LTA 95.2mm). 9 dry days, 15 days with 1mm or more (LTA 13). Wettest day 14.6mm on the 14th 0900 to 0900 hours next day. 3 days with >= 10mm. 0 days with >= 20mm.
Total sun 70.1 hours (LTA 64.7 hours).

Dawlish inland.
Average temp 7.5C. Air frost 5days. Ground frost possible 7 days. Highest 14.9C on 30th. Lowest -2.6C morning of 20th. Total rain 119mm. 6 dry days (several days with dew). 18 days with 1mm or more. 5 days 10mm or more. 0 days 20mm or more Wettest day 19mm 14th .

Dawlish Warren (inland from railway line). MISSING DATA
Average temp **C. Air frost **days. Ground frost possible ** days. Highest 15C on 30th. Lowest **C morning of **st. Total rain ***mm includes **mm snow water equivalent from ** cm snow on **st. ** dry days ** days with 1mm or more. ** days 10mm or more. ** days 20mm or more Wettest day **mm **th .

Teignmouth Inland.
Average temp 7.8C. Air frost 2days. Ground frost possible 8 days. Highest 14.3C on 30th. Lowest -1.4C morning of 20th. Total rain 127mm. 5 dry days (several days with dew), 18 days with 1mm or more. 5 days 10mm or more. 0 days 20mm or more Wettest day 18.5mm 14th .

Average temp 7.1C. Air frost 6days. Ground frost possible 10 days. Highest 13.4C on 14th (13.3 30th). Lowest -4.6C morning of 20th. Total rain 136mm. 9 dry days. 18 days with 1mm or more. 4 days 10mm or more. 1 days 20mm or more Wettest day 22.3mm 14th .