Weather summary for Teignmouth, Dawlish and nearby areas by Mike Trigger

Items marked * contain estimates to fill in missing data

The monthly weather summary is prepared as soon as possible each month and is based on unofficial recordings and the opinion of the author. No claim is made about the accuracy of the summary. If you are aware of an error or omission please e-mail   (Seasonal summaries available by 10th).

The longer term averages are sourced from the Met Office.

LTA=long term average 1981 to 2010

Updated 3rd February 2019

Weather Summary January 2019 (3rd February)

High pressure dominated the weather for the first half of January. This brought a good deal of dry weather with variable amounts of cloud often associated with a series of weak weather fronts which moved around the High and then south across the district. There was a transition period between the 15th and 17th when the high pressure eased away allowing northwest than west winds to develop heralding a rather unsettled period as milder air and rain spread from the west. Later in the month colder air returned across the area preceding a period of rain which turned to snow on the afternoon and evening of the 31st. E to NE winds increased and allowed cold air to undercut the milder air which was displaced to the south. Although some snow had fallen on the hills above Teignmouth and Dawlish on the 30th the evening of the 31st saw the first significant snow of the winter.

In terms of statistics:
The average temperature for January was around 6 Celsius, that’s close to the long term average. Most places had multiple mornings with a ground frost, and air frost occurred on between 8 and 12 nights inland and around 2 to 4 nights near the Teign estuary. The long term average number of frost at the Teignmouth Den weather site is 4 nights in January. The mildest day was on the 13th with maximum temperatures around 13 Celsius and the coldest morning was on the 31st when temperatures fell to between minus 2 and minus 4 Celsius in most places although Netherton area managed a low of minus 6 Celsius.
It was a dry month with around 18 days (+/-3) with no measurable rain and rainfall totals ranged from 35 to 55mm which is about half the normal January rainfall. There were around 10 days when 1 mm or more of rain was recorded, the average being 13 days. The wettest day, with around 11 mm, for most of the area was the 31st although the 18th and 26th were also contenders.
Snow or sleet fell on two days 30 and 31st and accumulated on 1 day (31st) which is average for January. At Dawlish 3cm of snow was recorded amounting to 3mm of water equivalent rainfall.
Sunshine was slightly below average, the total recorded at Teignmouth was 59 hours which was about 6 hours below average.

In summary, January 2019 was a good bit drier than normal but with near average temperatures, air frost and snowfall. Ground frosts were probably a little more frequent than average. Sunshine was slightly below average.

When shown * estimates were made using reports from nearby sites in order to calculate missing data. Grass frost estimates use air temp below 4C

Teignmouth Den.
Mean temperature 6.4C (LTA 6.7C). Average Max 8.9C (LTA 9.4C). Highest 12.5C on 13th. Average Min 3.9C (LTA 4C). Lowest -3C on 31st. Air frost 3. (Average 4). Potential *14 ground frosts
Total rain 51.4mm (LTA 95.2mm). 21 dry days, 7 days with 1mm or more (LTA 13). Wettest day 17mm on the 31st 0900 to 1st 0900 hours. 1 day with >= 10mm. No days with >= 20mm.
Total sun *59.1 hours (LTA 64.7 hours).

Dawlish inland.
Average temp 5.8C. Air frost 8 days. Ground frost possible 15* days. Highest 12.9C on 13th. Lowest -3.6C morning of 31st. Total rain 38.1mm includes 3mm snow water equivalent from 3 cm snow on 31st. 19 dry days 9 days with 1mm or more. 0 days 10mm or more. 0 days 20mm or more Wettest day 6.1mm 29th (3mm +3mm water equivalent on 31st).

Dawlish Warren (inland from railway line).
Average temp 5.9C. Air frost 8 days. Ground frost possible 19* days. Highest 13.0C on 13th. Lowest -3.6C morning of 31st. Total rain 43.2mm. 18 dry days 9 days with 1mm or more. 1 day 10mm or more. 0 days 20mm or more Wettest day 10.4mm 31st.

Teignmouth Inland.
Average temp 6.1C. Air frost 2 days. Ground frost possible 17* days. Highest 12.4C on 13th. Lowest -2.2C on 31st. Total rain 55.4mm (snow on 31st unknown). 19 dry days. 11days with 1mm or more. 2 days 10mm or more. 0 days with 20mm or more. Wettest 12.2mm on 31st.

Average temp 5.1C. Air frost 12. Ground frost possible 20. Highest 12.2C on 13th. Lowest -5.9 on 31st. Total rain 55.9mm (snow on 31st unknown). 17 dry days. 10 days with 1mm or more. 2 days 10mm or more. 0 days 20mm or more. Wettest 13.7mm on 31st.

Weather Summary Autumn - September October November 2018 (2nd December)

Autumn was slightly wetter than average, mainly due to the wet November, with around 280mm of rain compared to average of 240mm. Despite this there were slightly fewer days with 1mm of rain or more (26 versus 33). The temperature average was 12.5C and sunshine hours 355 both of which are very close to the long term seasonal average.