Weather summary for Teignmouth, Dawlish and nearby areas by Mike Trigger

Items marked * contain estimates to fill in missing data

The monthly weather summary is prepared as soon as possible each month and is based on unofficial recordings and the opinion of the author. No claim is made about the accuracy of the summary. If you are aware of an error or omission please e-mail   (Seasonal summaries available by 10th).

The longer term averages are sourced from the Met Office.

LTA=long term average 1981 to 2010

Updated 3 February 2018

Weather Summary January 2018 (updated 2 February)

The weather during January turned out to be very changeable, fairly windy and quite mild. During the second week of the month there were short periods when High pressure took control, bringing drier weather and chilly NE or E winds but for the most part, Low pressure dominated the weather patterns. There were four named storms that crossed parts of the UK, Eleanor, Fionn, David and Geogina bringing spells of windy weather. Most were named by the Irish Weather Service in collaboration with the Met Office but storm David was given a name by the French Weather Service which is why it did not follow alphabetically in the sequence. None of the named storms came close to SW England although the associated strong winds did extend over the region.
In terms of statistics, the average temperature was between 7 and 8 Celsius which was almost a degree above the long term average. The highest temperature, close to 14 Celsius, occurred on the 28th for most of the district although the 4th was also a contender for the mildest day. The coldest morning was on the 30th although the 7th and 12th were also rather chilly in places. Some parts of Teignmouth and Dawlish, mostly close to the coast, did not record any air frosts but elsewhere many places recorded two or three mornings when the temperature fell below freezing. Lows of minus one or minus two Celsius were recorded although Nertherton recorded minus three point five Celsius and a total of five air frosts.
In keeping with the unsettled theme, January was quite wet in places and despite some snow over Dartmoor there was no lying snow for the Teignmouth and Dawlish area. Rainfall totals in towards the coast in Teignmouth and Holcombe were slightly below average but in the main rainfall was close to or a little above the January average of 95mm. Is was notable that there were only about 6 dry days and three times as many wet days, so it will not come as a surprise that the month was cloudier than average with only 55 hours of sunshine recorded in Teignmouth.

In summary, January 2018 was wetter (rain days), milder and cloudier than average.

Teignmouth Den.  *Estimates were made using reports from nearby sites in order to calculate missing data.
Mean temperature *7.5C (LTA 7.1). Average Max *10.3C (LTA 9.4). Highest 13.9 on 2nd. Average Min *4.7C (LTA 4.0). Lowest uncertain 0.2C 30th. Air frost nil. (Average 3)

Total rain *75.4mm (LTA 95.2mm). 6 dry days, 18 days with 1mm or more (LTA 13). Wettest day 8.1mm 3rd. Total sun *55.4 hours (LTA 64.7).

Dawlish inland. Average temp *7.4. Air frost 1. Highest 14.1C on 28th. Lowest -1.4C morning of 30th. Total rain *96mm. *9 dry days 17 days with 1mm or more. Wettest day *13mm *4th. (data missing on 4th)

Holcombe. Average temp 7.6C. Air frost 0. Highest 14.1C on 28th. Lowest 0.1C 30th. Total rain 77.7mm. 6 dry days. 17 days with 1mm or more. Wettest 12.7mm on 4th.

Teignmouth alternative web. Average temp *7C. Air frost 2. Highest 14C on 28th. Lowest -0.3C on 12th. Total rain 100mm. 6 dry days. 17 days with 1mm or more. Wettest 15.8mm on 4th.