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Iceland links updated 220616 due to RSOE Hekla
270616 IMO Bardarbunga
A Forecasters Guide to Volcanic Ash Detection.
German research flight Iceland report.

Alert State

Alert State

Future Volc Iceland site


AVIATION NOTAM Check Eurocontrol for updates.


CMC automatic monitoring trajectories and sat monitoring
To view full size image click the image

00Z 06Z 12Z and 18Z RUNS SHOWN - see link above for details
traj00 traj06 traj12 traj18

Automatic watch / hypothetical model runs for 48hours for a 6 hour eruption
NOTE based on short eruption rather than continuous eruption hence real life event would be more complex.
traj00+24 traj06+24 traj12+24 traj18+24

ORAEFAJOKULL hypothetical animations starting at
from latest available model run.

GFS 500hpa wind and contour T+00 to T+36, (via meteocentre.com)
gfs500 gfs500
gfs500 gfs500

UNI KOELN surface SO2 forecast


Global Volcano Obs system
SAMPO polar orbitor SO2 UV aerosol
Hekla web cam
Southern Iceland Earthquakes
GPS earth movement tracking Iceland

Iceland Radar
Iceland Lightning
NESDIS N Atlantic SO2

Iceland SO2

SO2 alert
SO2 and ASH monitoring
Volcano SSEC

Background info

BBC you tube - how ash affects jet engines

CAA Why ash and aviation don't mix
CAA CAP 1236 (check for more recent rules 23/10/2014)
CAA who is involved in safety related decisions

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