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Surface Analysis from the Met Office HQ, Exeter. Valid midnight UTC for each day of the month via NOAA and Topkarten.

2019  ASXX 0001Z 

January List  Table  February List  Table  March List  Table  April List  Table  May List  Table  June List  Table 

2018  ASXX 0001Z 

January List  Table  February List  Table   March List  Table   April List  Table   May List  Table   June List  Table   July List  Table    August List  Table  
September List  Table   October List  Table   November List  Table   December List  Table

2017  ASXX 0001Z 

January List  Table  February List  Table   March List  Table   April List  Table   May List  Table   June List  Table   July List  Table   August List  Table
September List  Table   October List  Table   November List  Table   December List  Table

2016  ASXX 0001Z 

January   February   March   April   May   June   July   August   September List  Table   October List  Table     November List  Table     December List  Table    

ASXX 0001Z December 2015

         Monthly Weather Summary for Dawlish, Teignmouth and nearby areas.      Dawlish 2019 Dawlish 2018 Dawlish 2017 Dawlish 2016

         UK The Month so far (Met Reading - R. Brugge).             Synop data summary   Snow Depths

Climate LINK1

European weekly rain and temperature - click for full size updated (Tuesday)


Climate LINK2

European monthly rain and temperature - click for details


Climate LINK3

European 3month rain and temperature - click for data


Other links to climate data:

Just type in the your nearest large town/city name (Global link)

DWD temp anomaly and climate links

NOAA CPC European climate data links

JMA cimate link

Night time global sea temp anomaly (NOAA/NESDIS)

UK: Met Office climate index.


Temperature change Globe and UK 1884(ish)-2018

Private climate-uk site

Update links to older data

Key Scottish Environment Statistics

Key Scottish Environment Statistics 2016 PDF version

Key Scottish Environment Statistics 2014 PDF version

Explaining Extreme Events from a Climate Perspective - Research Publications
climate change
Climate Change ? 25 Deg C days

ECA Climate data ECA return period values ECA mapserver

Other climate links:

These may not work soon:
Karlsruhe 61-90 mean precip - gif loop
Karlsruhe 61-90 mean temp - gif loop

EU Climate adaption platform


Upper Atmosphere data NOAA

Latest North Pole 50hpa LOWEST

Latest North Pole 10hpa LOWEST

Latest South Pole 50hpa LOWEST

Latest 90-65N time series

Latest 90-65N time series

Latest 65-25N time series

Latest 25N-25S time series

Latest 25-65S time series

Latest 65-90S time series

A few older plots

Upper atmospheric temperatures N and S Hemi

50hpaCLICK for full size view of temperature
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