Links that work in China

NOTE China time zone is ahead of (Z) GMT. Mapping MAPS.ME app works on smart phone but download offline map of China first.
The map is not very detailed but at least you can see where you are.
Google translate also works if you download the offline Chinese before going but does not work online.
HotMail mostly worked but do not allow re-install. Correct as of 15/05/2016

News in English - links that work in China
BBC UK news

Chinadaily mobile web site. News. Not associated with China Daily.

Bing Search China

Links to weather information for China in English

China Metereological Administration in English
CMA homepage
Link to Sat, Radar and forecast
National Meteorological Center of CMA
National Meteorological Center ANALYSIS + RADAR
NMC Aviation product

Weather China in English
Weather China homepage
Weather China Radar animation homepage
Weather China Maps forecast and pollution

Weather China Beijing forecast
Weather China Great Wall At Juyongguan Pass ,Beijing
Weather China Great Wall At Mutianyu ,Beijing
Weather China Xian forecast
Weather China Changdu, Sichaun, forecast
Weather China Changdu Panda Breeding Centre forecast
Weather China Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Attraction ,Sichuan
Weather China Shangai forecast

NWP links
Animation Hong Kong Observatory

CMA/NMC 24 hour rain
CMA/NMC 1 hour Max PPN
CMA/NMC 500hPa and PMSL

International links that work in China

World clock weather Beijing
14 days also last week

World clock weather Xi'an (Sian)
14 days also last week

World clock weather Chengdu
14 days also last week

World clock and weather Leshan
14 days also last week

World clock and weather Shanghai
14 days also last week

World clock and weather Hong Kong
14 days also last week

Shortwave IR 4 loop COMS-1
Longwave IR 4 loop COMS-1
Visible 4 loop COMS-1

Aviation Weather OK in China
NOAA USA aviation weather decoded.
Hong Kong Observatory aviation weather

NOAA aviation weather WAFS.
UMKO WAFC sig weather T+24.

Links that do not work in china but can give information prior to visiting.

Microsoft Bing map of Beijing Does not work in China

Bing China

Wunderground Does not work in China as it uses Google maps - Google blocked

Weather underground Beijing latest temperature
Weather underground Great Wall at Juyongguan Pass
Weather underground Xi'an latest temperature
Weather underground Chengdu latest temperature
Weather underground Leshan latest temperature
Weather underground Shangai latest temperature
Weather underground Hong Kong latest temperature

UK Met Office

UK Met Beijing Forecast
UK Met Chengdu Forecast
UK Met Shangai Forecast
UK Met China latest